Action Words to Use in Your CV and Interview

Have you ever heard a story so good that you get immersed into it? You feel as if you’re actually there or can imagine every detail perfectly in your mind? Why is that? Partly because you have a person who is good at telling stories, their voice changes in context with the theme, they add drama when necessary, but mostly it’s all about the language they use in order to paint that image into your mind. They know how to portray an atmosphere, a feeling, an accurate action through words. Now imagine if you could do that through your CV.

Passive and general words to describe duties of a job, for example, get boring quickly and are usually quite vague. Sure they might be fine for a standard CV, but you are not standard, you are irreplaceable and extra. Action words should be littered throughout your CV and eloquently mentioned in interviews to paint a truer picture of your achievements and responsibilities, as well as making a far more interesting story about yourself.

Action vs Passive CV Writing

Chances are you are already using a few action words; however the same types of words usually get repeated so often by everybody that it makes it difficult to differentiate candidates from one another.

Some of the typically used are: managed, responsible for, assisted with, handled, worked.

Got a few of those in your CV? Well delete and get creative! We want a strong and compelling story, words that make us gasp in excitement instead of yawn with predictability.

You Were a Leader:
Cultivated, Spearheaded, Directed, Oversaw, Chaired, Facilitated

You Provided a Service:
Performed, Offered, Supplied, Distributed, Established, Implemented

Improved Something:
Merged, Modified, Overhauled, Redesigned, Refined, Revitalised

Consulted, Informed, Resolved, Promoted, Persuaded, Authored

Attained, Completed, Demonstrated, Earned, Targeted, Succeeded

Made Changes:
Modified, Reconstructed, Simplified, Expanded, Condensed, Adapted

Evaluated, Discovered, Identified, Interpreted, Mapped, Investigated

Saved Time/Costs:
Yielded, Conserved, Deducted, Consolidated, Reduced, Deducted

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