The C-Virtual: What is it?

So you know what a CV is. Of course you do otherwise you wouldn’t be on this site. Ok I’ll stop monkeying around…

It’s the standard document that showcases the best of your abilities, and whilst the wording is important and the design can be eye catching, the jobs application process hasn’t really changed much since the days of handing out CV’s in paper form (for those of us old enough to remember that).

We live in the digital age, where everything we do now has an online alternative that is usually favoured. All our socialising, work meetings, movies, gaming, house viewings, dating, news readings … you name it, it’s all been revolutionised through online platforms. The job application process it-self has moved online when it comes to handing out your CV’s. In fact in a study we conducted showed that 61% of employers said there’s a highly likely chance that their employment process will remain online. This begs the question, is every industry has adapted, why hasn’t the concept of your CV?

Take a look at this…

CV Monkey have developed the concept of a C-Virtual, (click for demo) an online interactive CV, that not only showcases the best of your abilities, but keeps things interesting and makes you the most memorable candidate. Think about being an employer and it’s your job to sieve through hundreds of standard looking CV’s. Taking into consideration on average a CV gets looked at for 5-7 seconds, you sure got to make sure you impress from the get go.

Isnt this just a flashy gimmick?

Flashy sure, but gimmick? Employers didn’t think so, our study showed that 72% of employers would be more willing to hire the employee with a C-Virtual than without one and also that the candidate stood out head and shoulders above the standard candidates.

So does this replace my orginal CV?

Yes and no, a C-Virtual can be used for anyone in any industry. For people within the creative industry it can be used as a portfolio addimg mixed media to showcase your work. Whereas for more mainstream industries, it can be used as an outstanding supporting document along with your written CV.

In todays climate its mandatory to show employers why you are better, and what better way to do that than to showcase innovation to beat out the rest of the competition.

To find out more about our C-Virtuals click here.